Steve Liddle’s Page

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Steve has worked for the Wilf Ward Family Trust for over ten years now, having started as a Support Worker, following a 23 year career in education, half of which as a primary school Head Teacher.


Steve’s current role is that of Learning and Development Manager and, as such, he is part of the Trust’s Corporate Management Board. The Trust’s origins are in adults with learning disabilities, but diversification in recent years has seen the growth of children’s services, short breaks and community work.


Steve’s view has always been that organisations in social care should work together to maximise their ability to develop a well trained and creative workforce. To this end he is one of the founder members of the NYLC, having recognised that the North Yorkshire area was missing out on all sorts of appropriate government and regional funding opportunities for staff development and promotes the purpose of Skills for Care as a lead partner for the Care Alliance for Workforce Development and for organisations to access TSI monies. Enabling every individual staff member and volunteer to achieve the maximum of their potential is his aim o as to achieve the best quality service for the service users supported by the Trust.  


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